To mark the 50th anniversary of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Caribbean rum producers will each launch their own special CARICOM 50th Anniversary Rum. These unique rums, produced in limited quantities, will be presented to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of CARICOM Member States as a tribute to the remarkable achievements of the Caribbean region over the past half century. This initiative also marks a significant moment for the rum industry and caps a year of celebrations to mark CARICOM’s Golden Jubilee.

Suriname’s national rum producer, Suriname Alcoholic Beverages (SAB) NV, has released its own limited edition CARICOM 50th Anniversary Rum in the context of this momentous initiative. Our Master Blender carefully selected a blend of aged rums to create this special limited edition rum. Borgoe 10YO is a harmonious fusion of 10 Year Old Rum and 10 Year Old Pot Still Rum, resulting in one of our smoothest and most refined rums to date. Aged in used bourbon barrels, the rum displays deep oaky notes that enhance the complex flavor profile with rich aromas of raisins, caramel, oak, subtle floral hints and toasted caramel.

Borgoe Rum 10YO is not just any rum; it is an ode to Suriname’s green interior—the most forested country in the world (93%)—and its vibrant cultural diversity.