Peanut punch is a popular local beverage enjoyed by young and old alike. Older drinkers often make peanut punch into an alcoholic libation similar to stout punch by adding some rum. This peanut punch recipe from Foodie Nation is straightforward, and easy to follow. Adjustments can easily be made to meet your personal tastes.

Peanut Punch Recipe


1½ Cup Evaporated Milk

1½ Cup Whole Milk Dash of Cinnamon Powder

1 Pinch Fresh Grated Nutmeg

1 Tsp Vanilla Essence

1 Dash of Aromatic Bitters

1 cup Creamy Peanut Butter (Room Temperature)

1 cup Condensed Milk

2 Tbsp Granola (Garnish)


1. Place Blender container vessel on your counter and pour in both the evaporated and whole milk. Add the cinnamon powder, nutmeg, vanilla essence and bitters in.

2. Carefully place in the peanut butter, drizzle in the condensed milk and cover vessel with rubber guard provided.

3. Begin to blend and pulverize the peanut punch to incorporate and process all the ingredients until smooth for about 45 seconds on speed 2.

4. Place a few blocks of ice into your glasses and pour over the peanut punch. Sprinkle with a little granola over each drink and serve.