Maraval Restaurant Blue Star Diner have announced that they’re back in business with a give-away event.

The restaurant is giving away $5000 to two lucky diners who share their dining experience on social media and also tag them on Instagram.

Blue Star Diner Trinidad

The news comes as a surprise to many since a few days earlier, their parent company issued a press release stating that restaurants like Trotters Port of Spain and Tommy’s Brewery will only be offering curbside service while Blue Star Diner and Trotters San Fernando will be closed fully.

Many surmised that Blue Star Diner will remain permanently closed since they are the newest restaurant in the Trent Restaurants Limited portfolio, and because that location has proven difficult for previous tenants in a similar food sector.

Denny’s opened their flagship location on that spot and were constantly criticized by patrons for high prices and lack of menu items.